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Our country is going through one of the biggest crisis in a very very long time people are in great anxiety not just in the UK but throughout the world.

Many thousands of people have died due to Coronaviras.

We have many customers in Farnborough fleet and Camberley and most of those people are working either from home or not working at all which can be financially quite difficult if you are self-employed.

The decision has been made by the government to close all the schools and the kids are also stuck at home which is quite ironic because the weather outside is really nice,  perfect for playing sports but what can you do this humbling invisible enemy has made us prisoners in our own homes. 

Obviously the most important thing is health without health you have nothing but this invisible enemy has taken a toll on the world economy also.

We are used to taking many people to Heathrow and Gatwick on a weekly basis some people travel virtually every week but due to this there are hardly any flights going anywhere in the world this is having a drastic impact on on world economy some people are lucky they are allowed to work from home but there are thousands of people in our country who will lose their jobs who work in the self employment sector and they will be struggling the hardest.  So maybe this is  a good time to sit down at home with your family and reflect on what’s important.

We are living each day with a false comfort that nothing will ever gone wrong everything will be the way it is forever but that is obviously not the case and we should realise that this type of thing can happen again so maybe it’s time now to sit down reflect and make decisions not just for today but for the future.

There are many elderly people out there in our area for whom isolation is not the exception but the norm maybe this crisis will give us food for thought not to just help people in your community in this time of crisis when the problem has hit home but to also help the elderly when eventually things will go back to normal because remember one day we may all be the elderly.

Hopefully we will come out of this a better people.

If there is anybody out there in the Farnborough area who needs assistance with shopping please call us we will do what we can.

Remember to follow the government guidelines and stay safe.

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