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It’s December again and it’s getting cold, winter coat is being reluctantly extracted from the wardrobe and joyous task of windscreen defrosting is a daily activity but there’s another joyous task ahead, the preparation for Christmas.

I was just wondering what exactly is Christmas and what is the purpose of Christmas?

Is the purpose of this annual ritual to give gifts and cards to friends and family and even to those people that we don’t really get on with, work colleagues you haven’t spoken to for months and secretly hate?

You see so many people out there giving each other cards but they have never spoken to each other for months and months. It’s like an obligation thing, a social convention, I must give a card otherwise I’m not part of society anymore, to me that is a hollow card, what is the purpose of a hollow card?

Maybe we should ask ourselves why we are doing this.

Obviously you are also the recipient of such hollow cards. I’m sure when you receive them you must think to yourself what on earth possessed you to make the effort to given me this card when it’s obvious that you have no idea who I am and you had to consult HR to find out my name. This is to me just ridiculous.

Every year Christmas is becoming an ever more exploited commercial event where we are a willing partner ready to be manipulated by increasingly ingenious commercials, trying to sell us stuff that we don’t need with money we don’t have.

Everyone loves Father Christmas but what is the history of Father Christmas? If you look back in history you will realise that this was very clever exploitation for commercial reasons, started by a drinks company just to promote their beverages but it has become an integral part of Christmas you can’t have Christmas without Father Christmas can you also we must have a turkey at Christmas even though this is a very recent innovation, is this what Christmas is all about?

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t buy any gifts, enjoy a turkey dinner or give cards to friends and family, what I’m trying to say is your priority at Christmas should be family.

Please don’t just post a card, try to get together with your family by taking some time out from you busy life, ponder on the past and hope for a better future.

So if you are in Farnborough, fleet, Camberley or surrounding areas give us a call, we will take you to your family.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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