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Our country is going through one of the biggest crisis in a very very long time people are in great anxiety not just in the UK but throughout the world. Many thousands of people have died due to Coronaviras. We have many customers in Farnborough fleet and Camberley and most of those people are working either from home or not […]

Brief history of hackney carriage

One day few a months ago while driving through The Surrey hills to Gatwick I decided I should write a blog which I should publish on the website. I couldn’t really think where to start then few days ago while stuck in endless traffic on the M3, wondering if we will ever make our way to Heathrow,  gentleman set beside […]


It’s December again and it’s getting cold, winter coat is being reluctantly extracted from the wardrobe and joyous task of windscreen defrosting is a daily activity but there’s another joyous task ahead, the preparation for Christmas. I was just wondering what exactly is Christmas and what is the purpose of Christmas? Is the purpose of this annual ritual to give […]

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